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Read through the policy proposals developed by the Institute for Economic Democracy for Slovenia and the EU


Read through the policy proposals developed by the Institute for Economic Democracy for Slovenia and the EU.

Scholarly papers and studies

European ESOP

This paper explains the key concepts of the European ESOP model and provides a brief presentation of its pilot implementation in Slovenia.

Marcora for Europe

IED researchers provide a brief introduction to the Marcora model from Italy, which provides workers with a financial mechanism that allows them to buy-out companies facing liquidity constraints. They explain why Europe needs such model and develop a generic model that could be implemented across the European continent.

Democratizing Labour-Based Platforms

Digital platforms are a good example of technological disruption, where the negative costs of innovation are externalized. There are currently two main strategies of regulating the negative effects: the establishment of new 'ethical' platforms and regulation. We offer a third strategy that tries to establish worker ownership within existing platforms.

Marcora for Slovenia

IED researchers found that, if a Marcora-inspired law were to be implemented in Slovenia, it would lead to lower costs for the state, a potential annual raise of tax revenue from corporate taxation, and gains from taxes and contributions paid on wages.

Less-Known Supporters of Workplace Democracy

This paper collects together quotations and extracts from 19th and 20th century thinkers who were little-known for being supporters of workplace democracy.

European ESOP

David P. Ellerman and Tej Gonza have developed the European ESOP; a generally applicable model for employee buy-outs based on both the longstanding European cooperative tradition and the successful contemporary American ESOP practice.

Government Aid and COVID-19

European governments are preparing intervention laws to aid liquidity-constrained companies. At the Institute for Economic Democracy we have prepared a proposal to democratize the use of taxpayers' money.

Experts' board

Prof. Noam Chomsky, PhD, častni član IED

Christopher Mackin, PhD,
Ownership Associates Inc.

Matjaž Čemažar,
Domel d.d.

Kyla Alterman,
Ownership Associates Inc.

Ginny Vanderslice,
Praxis Consulting Inc.

Mark Pleško,
Cosylab d.d.

Aleš Dolenc,
M-Sora d.d.

Prof. Aleksandra Kanjuo
Mrčela, PhD,

Sandi Češko,
Studio Moderna Brands International

Miha Lavtar,
Optiweb d.o.o.

Mag. Aleksander Igličar,

John Case,
Employee-Owned America

David Erdal,
PhD, Tullis Russell

Prof. Jože P. Damijan,

Prof. Marko Jaklič,

David P. Ellerman,

Prof. Rudi Rizman,

Vladimir Kreačič

Bogdan Biščak

Marko Funkl –  IED Co-founder