Inštitut za ekonomsko demokracijo


We do consult work on employee ownership plans and conduct training programs.

ESOP companies are:

50% less likely to fail

6 X less likely to lay off employees

3,4% higher sales growth rated

4 do 5% more productive

We consult companies on legal and organizational questions. We encourage employee ownership schemes and participatory governance structures.

We work mostly with small and medium-sized enterprises from all industries and sectors. 

    Four dimensions of organizational success

    Understand like an owner

    Tools, skills and knowledge needed to understand business decisions.

    Think like an owner

    Transparency of financial data used for informing and decision making.

    Decide like an owner

    A system of participation in decisions that achieves more autonomy within the workplace and sets clear boundaries for co-deciding.

    Become an owner

    Company ownership increases the knowledge, information and decision-making processes as it provides financial incentives for employees.


    At the institute we help with establishing all four dimensions of the organizational success. To this end we offer two types of programs:

    Ownership plans

    Legal and administrative consulting in establishing a co-ownership scheme for employees

    Lastniski programi

    Program usposabljanja

    Education and mentoring in building a participatory organizational culture