Inštitut za ekonomsko demokracijo

Training programs

We help companies in building a participatory organizational culture.

Do you want to establish a motivating working environment? Are you struggling to keep the young generation engaged? Do you want your employees to understand the logic behind business decisions?

To address the questions above we offer our Training program, which helps to improve the organizational culture in your company.*

The development program has three modules that lay three (out of four) foundations of organizational success: 

Understand like an owner

Tools, skills and knowledge needed to understand business decisions.

Think like an owner

Transparency of financial data used for informing and decision making.

Decide like an owner

A system of participation in decisions that achieves more autonomy within the workplace and sets clear boundaries for co-deciding.

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* The Training program can stand independently of the ownership structure, however we advice companies to complement it with the Ownership program. In this sense the training can be an introduction or continuation of the ownership plan for your employees.