Our institute provides to SMEs an efficient and responsible model for ownership and governance continuation, which we built by learning from the American ESOP experience.

Ownership transfer

Ageing generation of founders and owners of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will soon present a challenge for the whole sector, which is the backbone of Slovenian economy. Many Slovenian and European institutions are already warning about it.

Often there is no appropriate successor for ownership and governance. Selling to the competition or a foreign investor can be risky, and especially so for many locally responsible companies outside the urban centers.

Succession requires a timely preparation by the owners of existing SMEs. One of the options for them is to have employees buy-out the shares from them using future retained earnings of the company itself. The American ESOP is one of the most successful models that allows just that; we have adapted it so that it is possible to make use of it in Slovenian companies.

Using Slovenian ESOP model, business owners would be repaid for their life work and at the same time they would make sure that their employees are awarded for making the company successful.

Below is a link to a questioneer about ownership transfer (only in Slovene).

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