Inštitut za ekonomsko demokracijo

Policy proposals

Read through the policy proposals for Slovenia and EU


Democratization of labor-based platforms (EN)

Digital platforms are a good example of technological disruption, where the negative costs of innovation are externalized. There are currently two main strategies of regulating the negative effects. We offer a third strategy that tries to establish worker ownership of existing platforms. 
European ESOP

Government aid and COVID-19 (EN)

European governments are preparing different measures to help liquidity-constrained companies. It is crucial to guarantee that public money will be use for democratic good.


Introductory study to ESOP law (SI)

Na Inštitutu ED smo v letu 2020 pripravili predlog novega Zakona o lastniški zadrugi delavcev. Predlog zakona vzpostavlja model lastništva zaposlenih po vzoru ameriške ESOP prakse, politično bo predvidoma obravnavan jeseni leta 2021. 
European ESOP

European Cooperative ESOP (EN)

David P. Ellerman and Tej Gonza have collaborated with the EFES to create an 'European ESOP'; a generally applicable model for employee buy-outs based on both the longstanding European cooperative tradition and the contemporary American ESOP practice.


Marcora for Europe (ENG)

 IED researchers introduce the Marcora model from Italy, which offers workers a financial mechanism that allows them to buyout the companies in liquidity constraints. They explain why we need this model in the first place and develop a generic model that could be legislated around Europe.

An appeal to Slovenian government in Covid crisis (EN)

European governments are preparing intervention laws to aid liquidity-constrained companies. At the Institute for Economic Democracy we have prepared a proposal to democratize the use of taxpayers' money.

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