Inštitut za ekonomsko demokracijo

Ownership plans

We consult companies in establishing employee ownership plans

Iščete način, kako motivirati in nagraditi zaposlene? Še vedno nimate naslednika vendar ne želite, da vaše podjetje prevzame zunanji investitor ali konkurenca?

At the Institute ED we help companies in establishing employee ownership plans.*

Become an owner

Company ownership increases the knowledge, information and decision-making processes as it provides financial incentives for employees.

Potential behind employee ownership:

  • Maintaining the values and strenghtening the organizational affiliation
  • Providing a long-term ownership plan for your company
  • Increased productivity and growth
  • Respectible business legacy

    Setting up employee ownership consists of three legal and administrative phases:

      1) Identification of wishes and capabilities, analysis of the existing financial situation, evaluation, and planning the implementation of the ownership program.
      2) Preparation of legal and organizational documentation and necessary contracts.
      3) Comprehensive administration of the system, both at the legal and organizational level.

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      * Enriched with the experience on employee ownership we strongly suggest that ownership
      is coupled with our Programa usposabljanja.