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We build employee ownership

Employee-owned companies enjoy higher productivity, are more resilient, and take better care of the local community.

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What do we stand for?

By introducing innovative models of employee ownership and participatory leadership, the Institute for Economic Democracy promotes social justice, economic efficiency, environmental sustainability, workers’ dignity, and community-anchored business ownership.  

What do we do?

Lastniski programi

Ownership plans

We help companies in establishing employee ownership plans to motivate, reward, and
address succession problems.

Ownership plans

We are offering holistic solutions for motivational and reward schemes and succession planning.

Lastniski programi
Razvojni programi

Training programs

We offer training and educational programs on participatory culture for employees, managers, and owners.
Zakonodajni predlogi

Legislative proposals

We write legislative proposals, which would incentivize the development of different employee ownership models.

Legislative proposals

We write legislative proposals, which would incentivize the development of different employee ownership models.

Zakonodajni predlogi
Razsikovalno delo

Research work

We are conducting research. Our researchers are regularly publishing expert pieces, scientific contributions, and policy proposals.

Slovenian business community on employee ownership

ZapEmployee-owners have greater organizational affiliation. They contribute with informed decisions and are more productive. The ownership awareness strenghtens responsibility as employees understand their share as a long-term investment. They also expect the rights over the results of their labor.

Matjaž Čemažar

President of the Board of Directors, Domel Holding d.d.

In 3fs company we are motivated by the most advanced technologies and best service for the most demanding parts of the market, which means that we need to motivate our employees. The minimal requirements like wage, working environment, and challenges are upgraded with employee ownership - around 25% of our employees are owners of the spin-off companies. We intend to continue with this practice.

Andraž Logar

CEO , 3fs d.o.o.

Ownership introduces a possibility to influence the strategies of our company through the advisory board. Greater influence on the issues like workplace environment brings greater responsibility on the part of the workers but also the claim to the success of the company.

Dr. Janez Rihtaršič

CEO R&D, Domel Holding d.d.

Most of the employees entering the ownership of our company do so because they want to become part of the "We Are Dewesoft" story. The story motivates people. Employees need to prove themselves over the period of two years to join the program. This has been very motivational.

Andrej Orožen

CEO , Dewesoft d.o.o.

Gorenjski glas is an employee owned press media. This means that our workers have greater affiliation towards the company. As owners they understand that the share means responsibility for the success but also more autonomy in journalism, which is appreciated by our readership.

Marija Volčjak

CEO, Gorenjski Glas d.o.o.

We work as a collective. Ownership resembles family relationships - high responsibility and search for continuous improvement of the quality of life with concern towards members (employees) and buyers.

Damjan Burger

CEO , M-Tom d.o.o.

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