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EFES monthly newsletter

European Federation of Employee Share Ownership

Burkina Faso: First employee share plan for Orange Burkina.
France: France improves stock options policies for startup employees. Successful employee share plan for Suez. Historical leader of the French socialist party, Jean Jaurès defended funded pension schemes.
Germany: What to do with economic inequality? – Make it easier to establish employee-owned businesses. New calls for legislation dedicated to the development of employee share ownership also in Germany.
Spain: New employee share plan for Repsol.
UK: Six new firms moving to the Employee Ownership Trust scheme, the highest number in a single month. Presenting itself as the best example for employee share schemes in the UK, John Lewis department stores chain today faces the biggest crisis in its 156-year history.
USA: When New Belgium Brewing — the largest Colorado craft brewery and the first brewery in the state to move to the employee-ownership model in 2013 — announced that it was being acquired by an Australian conglomerate, questions arose about not only how this would affect the state’s independent beer scene but how this would impact government push to increase employee-owned companies.

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