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RECRUITING: Serbian IED National Team – 2x Associates
RECRUITING: Serbian IED National Team – 2x Associates

RECRUITING: Serbian IED National Team – 2x Associates


What do we do? IED is a Slovenian-based NGO dedicated to advancing economic democracy through employee ownership in Slovenia, the broader Balkan region, and beyond. For almost a decade, we have been developing solutions to assist businesses in transitioning to employee ownership, drawing from best international practices. Most notably, we have developed the European ESOP model for employee buyouts in profitable businesses. In addition to our work with businesses, we collaborate with local, national, and EU policymakers to develop policy solutions aimed at promoting employee ownership. In Slovenia, we have worked with the national government to draft an ESOP legislation designed to facilitate employee buyouts in profitable companies. Over the coming years, we aim to introduce the ESOP model to Croatia and Serbia, collaborating with businesses, policymakers, and other stakeholders to develop ESOP legislation in these countries.


Why is IED active in Croatia and Serbia?
We are forming a National Team to establish a sister organization of IED in Serbia, aiming to advance employee ownership through advocacy, policy, research, and consulting. At IED, we have invested considerable personal time and resources in recent years to establish ourselves as a successful organization. We intend to utilize the knowledge gained from this experience to facilitate the establishment of a sister organization in Serbia.


Who are we seeking?
The Junior Associates of the Serbian and Croatian branches of the Institute for Economic Democarcy should be committed to IED’s mission and vision, and have proven experience in one of the the following areas: business, law, political science, sociology, social economy/cooperative studies, finance, philosophy, finance, or communication. The Junior Associates will provide crucial support to the Team leader in their areas of expertise and become core members of the newly formed National teams.


What does the program involve?
Upon selection, National Team members will participate in a 6-month know-how transfer program, including: (1) a series of lectures on IED’s initiatives, economic democracy, and employee ownership (September 2024), (2) a 2-day workshop in Ljubljana (October/November 2024), (3) guidance on fundraising, network-building, and establishing the new organization’s brand (October 2024 – January 2025).


What compensation can you expect?
IED will cover all program-related expenses, including travel to Ljubljana and potentially Berlin. Initially, the Junior Associates are expected to collaborate on a voluntary basis: however, our ambition is to work with you to establish fully operational organizations, capable of securing funding through non-profit project work and consulting activities. Applicants are encouraged to see this project as a high-potential NGO.

Read the full roles’ description along with the program’s details here.

Read the candidate requirements here.

Interested in the position? Send your CV, motivational letter, or any questions to Kosta Juri, Head of Research and Policy, at [email protected] by 22 June 2024.